Join the Drums & Pipes of Houston Irish

We are proud to announce the (re)formation of the Drums and Pipes of the Houston Irish, a new, traditional, regimental-style pipe band now forming in the greater Texas Gulf Coast region.

In the 60’s and 70’s the old ‘Houston Irish Pipe Band’ marched and played across the bayou city including the 1969 Apollo Astronauts parade ( video can be found online ). Many will remember Andy White and Pat Canny, local pipers, WWII and Korean War combat veterans respectively, who were members of that band.

The Drums and Pipes of the Houston Irish will wear the centuries old solid color saffron kilt, green caubeen with an Irish harp cap badge. We are members of a shrinking fraternity of Irish pipe bands worldwide that still wear traditional dress.

We are currently recruiting for pipers and drummers across Houston who wish to play in an Irish regimental-style pipe band. Basic chanter practice, marching, deportment, technique, tune book is provided free of charge. Upon becoming a member of our band we issue the new piper/drummer their Irish harp cap badge ( worn on the caubeen ). We emphasize strict dress, drill and deportment on parade honoring those who went before us as well as the rich history of the Irish warpipes.


For more information contact us: or visit our Facebook page.

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